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Last Updated on 18 February 2014 by Gertrude

While you are busy eating, snacking on cookies and complaining how hungry today you have been, somewhere in Turkana, North of Kenya, someone is wondering where and how their next meal will come from and ‘snacking’ on deadly dog meat (no pun intended).

Why is it that Turkana, Marsabit and North of Kenya or just any part of the world people have to end up sleeping on empty tummies? There are others wasting, throwing, playing or joking with food. I am not asking you to knock on your neighbour’s door and inquire if they are going to sleep hungry but, I am asking you to think of others who may not have privileged lifestyles of five or more meals per day. Think about it: what if it was your child, relative, friend or even enemy sleeping on an empty stomach and resorting to eating deadly poisonous fruits, dogs? Scary, right?

There are solutions to end hunger in the world, and it has to be from you and me. Tell a friend, to tell a friend that we are on a mission to end world hunger … do join. Before you go on the mission, read these points with Turkana as the case-study.

  1. Sustainable agricultural projects. Farming is to be insisted if not emphasised.
  2. Encourage irrigation. There’s Lake Turkana, River Turkwel but still there’s hunger? What are we missing? Water can be channelled from Lake Turkana to the neighbourhoods with irrigation projects for farms.
  3. Discourage water wasting. Why are people in Turkana misusing the only source of water by bathing in it? There should be ways to conserve water from the vast Lake Turkana, right?
  4. Harness water during rainy seasons. There are no gutters for collecting rain water. Do we expect Turkana to get water if water isn’t reserved?
  5. Encourage livestock and agricultural farming. There should be balance all the time, over-dependence on something becomes very un-reliable, sometimes.
  6. Engage leaders to help their communities. I always wonder where the leaders of Turkana are and most importantly the leaders of this nation. What happens to them when hunger pangs start destroying fellow Kenyans in Turkana, albeit, election promises?
  7. Discourage over-reliance on aid. Why should people be given food aid whereas there’s lots of free space for agriculture? We must all try to learn how to fish, we have to fend for ourselves, are you listening?
  8. Empower women. How many times have you heard of the cliché, feed a woman, feed the whole society? When a woman has a source of income or empowerment, her family will never be hungry! Now this supposed cliché, isn’t just a cliché but the truth.!
  9. Embrace technology. Sometimes, we just have to keep abreast with technological development and advancements. For example, technology offers solutions to life’s problems , like hunger, invest in machines for saving time and money.
  10. Stop ”Wait and Watch” Policy. Finally, why do we wait until the results of hunger become so dire then jet in to help, as though we were hoping for people to die in masses? Emergency situations require emergency reactions, not the wait and watch policies!

We have to prioritise our goals when it comes to Turkana, just imagine, living in a world where you are forgotten yet, you are a citizen of that country? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself or even appreciate where you are, a life of privileges and advantages, but, you look down on the less-privileged.

It will never be fair how we treat Turkana, we may be up but if we don’t watch out, karma will be the b**ch. STEP IN, STEP IN and let us help salvage Turkana, as Kenyans.

How do we move forward as Kenyans for the sake of Turkana? What’s your thought to help, I will help communicate your thoughts to leaders of Turkana or Friends of Turkana. Share, share, all thoughts are welcome … talk.


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Gertrude O. · 18 February 2014 at 7:14 PM

What can we do for Tukana, any place in the world suffering due to hunger? Don’t you think we have solutions at our finger tips, but we ignore them? Why does Turkana have to suffer?

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