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Last Updated on 18 November 2014 by Gertrude

Well, I am not big on reading the Bible,  occasionally maybe, because of it’s enormous guidance. Some refute the Bible as it was written by humans. In school, there are a number of theories that we are taught. Different proponents thought differently. Try and regard the Bible as the same. Different proponents, different views. If one lacks something, the other complements it. Don’t entirely refute something, at least add some benefit of the doubt.

Jesus, the Son of God was refused, denied and even betrayed by men. Even now we reject Him. Can you then use this as your console, ”If Jesus was denied, then I will brace my challenges with a new heart. I won’t linger on the pain the rejection has brought unto my life, I will fight on and on and on”. Isn’t this hard to do? Of course the only hard thing in the world is H.A.R.D.  You hold the key to the ignition, to the destiny, so rejection is part of the detour, take it with such zeal your competitors remain mesmerised. Rise up and put up the fight, because in order to reach the destination, there has to be slides. Deadly slides of, ”This is not what I wanted or expected from you, DENIED, not good enough. Others  throw harsh words like, “INCAPABLE, CAN NEVER MAKE IT”.

Sniff the gas, is it leaking?. Are those tears? cry, don’t hold in. Then breathe the bad air out, restart, refuel and put your feet there and zoom like never. It’s a learning journey and only those who are able to keep up with it, will be winners. It faces us, never going to go, will be here generation after generation, time after time. Examine where you went wrong, don’t necessarily look at the comment. Look at your pressure on that pedal, how is it? Broken, crushed like mine was? or willing to face and move?

Have you learnt from your rejection or did you slowly toss the paper away that had the comment? I have tossed many papers away before or hidden and never tried looking back, forgetting that I could have done better. I truly forgot. When I look back some mistakes are just left like that, some you refuel, go back and make amends. Did you lack fees, was your writing rejected, mine have, over and over and over. On Iwriter, I signed up, then the writer’s rush  existing there which I didn’t know about, caught me. Looking to upgrade myself to being a Premium, the best and earn more money, I took up an article.  As a Standard Writer, that hope was quickly crushed to glass pieces by one employer, “You write too simply, I hate it”.

I was on a suicide mission, I had just realised the world of online freelancing and whoever that was, crushed every bit of hope I had of earning money. There was lack of sleep, the pedal was suddenly stopped, stagnating the car. Up to date I have never gone back to Iwriter, because the man or woman hated my style. I admit I lost hope of writing, really lost. At night I tossed knowing how uselessly, too simply I write. That’s when I  discovered Jesus was equally rejected, ”He was too simple”.  No matter how many times you have been rejected keep pedaling, don’t let the car or bicycle stop moving.

Because once you stop, no one will come to pedal it for you as you have the key.




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