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Have you ever written to your mother a love letter than the Mother’s Day gifts you shower her or a card?

How do you appreciate your parents for all the love they have shared with you?

And the non-stop care?

My mum and I didn’t see eye to eye when I was a teenager.

Unlike dad, she was very closed-minded when it came to matters boys, ha ha.

Just as all African parents are like all parents with girls are.

Though she’d allow me to have ”boy-friends” but it’d be different matters when they came over to our house.

I recall one frequent one who’d come but mum would go behind his back, after he left, of course and say,

”If this boy gets you pregnant, I’m going to personally take you to their house, in fact, throw you on their roof”.

They were our neighbours, then she kept on,

”You girls nowadays are so shallow, people don’t love their neighbours, there’s a reason they’re neighbours not to banter with but just, ”HELLO” them. She’d say with a serious sneer on her face.

Now, I also recall all the moments she has been there for my kids and I.

All the hard times we have been through together and came back alive and greater.

I mean, I have been talking to mum all the time.

Though I believe she’s so evil sometimes, like who doesn’t feel like this about their parent?

I know my daughter calls me, ”Mummy Lion”. It’s allowed.

Now what can I tell my mum but thank her so much for the love, care and love?


My love letter to mum:


Dear Mum,

The bestest mum landed on planet earth sometime ago and the bestest mum lives on.

The one who doesn’t give up, stays on, fights on even when the daughter isn’t wise enough.

The mum who says, ”Believe in yourself”.

The mum who looks amazingly at her daughter with a lot of love and care.

The mum who wonders, ”What better can I do now?”

What can I do to make you achieve everything you want?

The mum who pushes me to go beyond my dreams.

Mum, do you remember when you told me to please choose one thing I loved to do then the others will follow?

That I’m truly blessed by God to have so many talents but have to settle and think about my life’s directions.

Mum, you made me make my best decision ever, I overcame my shyness of being behind the camera scenes and I regained my confidence in life.

You also told me to stay grounded and write all that I want to do.

When I come to you crying because I cannot balance it all, you tell me not to balance but live one day at a time.

That you’d wish someone told you the same thing.

There’s nothing called balance when you’re a parent, there’s only self-appreciation and hope that all will be better and you did your best.

My God mum, I never knew that when people grow up they needed their mum even the more.

I may have my own life and you yours, but I still share with you things.

I still consider you my best friend because I know you will never lie to me.

All I have seen in my life is help, guidance, love.

Mum, all those beatings you gave us, I believe you just wanted us to appreciate where we were in life and look ahead.

Those boys you stopped me from seeing, I laugh it off because I barely recall their second names.

I don’t even know what teenage hormones are anymore.

I see a confused me, yet, you stood there guiding me, holding my hands as always.

The only thing I applaud you, you way of doing all without complaining.

Sacrificing your all for the sake of the love you have for your family and your kids especially.

Mum, I cannot sacrifice for my kids the way you did for us.

I’m no super mum like you mum.

I need a lot of help, laundry, career, children, all my ambitions.

I cannot handle it all and become sane like you mum.

I know you say you weren’t a superhuman just a normal mum.

Mum, I have so much respect for you for all you did.

May you live for soo long and you conquer and accomplish your dreams.

You’re an example of a woman who does a lot with so little, I wish and pray that all your dreams come true.

Because you deserve a break in this life. A break to go out there and enjoy all the fruits of your labour.

All the love you have shared may it be returned to you twenty fold, more fold than we could count.

May you find richness and abundance in your sunset years.

May we see more of you because, you’re the Matriarch of the Year. And so wish they had an award like that!

Now, that you’re a grandma, you extend the tenderness and greatness to your grand-kids and they cherish and love you.

When you leave, they remain with a recollection of all that you did together.

It’s like loving us again and again this time even better.

I see how patient you have become not that you weren’t just that this time, you have become better.

Every pain I shared with you, you made it seem so little just like My God on Earth.

I know if I call you God on Earth, you’ll automatically reject the name.

But you are! Your greatness will live for generations and that’s for sure.

I cherish you, we cherish you and will always. You know I’ll always love you.

From Helena, Helena Matendechere.

Remember when you said we have to have pseudonyms and I chose Helena because it sounded so funny and comedic? And it stuck?

Mum, you’re the best ever.


If you wrote a love letter to your mother this valentines day, what would it sound like?

Do you need help writing a love letter to your parent or loved one or a girl you have a crush on?

Do you want to give a valentines day card but are too afraid it may be generic hence make your loved one suspicious you didn’t write it?




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