Fleece, flannel, Polyester fibrefill, soap making chemicals, crochet hooks, cotton or bamboo yarn, crochet thread, sweetened condensed milk, silicone soap or cookie moulds, name it. I have been searching for so many products to get creative at home, exploring my creative self. It’s not an easy task to shop in Kenya, especially if you’re like me, don’t like traffic, likes to compare prices, think, shop around again, make a decision, keep items in the cart, shop again, find better bargains, buy.

I love to explore the internet of things on stuff I can buy that aren’t available in my country. I realised there are two ways to buy things in Kenya : 1. What is available, which amounts to pricing it very ”well”. 2. What isn’t available, do some drop shipping or buy from sites like Amazon or ebay, which is very cheap if you’re a very patient person. Ready to wait, see prices fall, then place an order. The problem comes in when it’s time to receive the actual good. The hefty revenue Kenya Revenue Authority will task you to pay is just but that. Then remember, this is communicated to your customers who automatically feel the pinch. What happens next, ”that’s just another store with items for very high end customers”. I don’t want my store to have a customer a day, I would love to trial balance, meaning, I cater for all. I know, it can never be enough, can it?

I have discovered so many places online where I can buy items in Kenya, the problem, they don’t stock things like they do on ebay or international marketplaces. For example, I have searched for lye on Jumia, even a rotary cutter. The search returns to me a pizza cutter, the former, I don’t even recall. Now what? Of course, I’m thinking, that’s the reason for this blog post.

To inform the readers and the readers to inform the public where we can actually buy these things, in good pricing. We want to ”promote” our local manufacturers who work very hard to ensure we got quality products.

For example, if it’s buying chemical products for making my own soap at home, where do we purchase that? List a store name, location, or a suggestion or even a call where we can call someone or email them for those who ”fear” calls.

Please be sure to share. For example, I found this blog by searching, ”where to buy fabric in Kenya”, and found an awesome blog post in it. If you are new to fabric or want some fabric buying guideline this blog will sure share with you a lot of information. This blog, not an endorsement, is the number one that jumps every time, I am searching fabric shopping. Though, I haven’t visited any of the suggested shops, I will sure update you on what I have found in one of my visits, soon.

Again, let this segment be for those crafty people of Kenya. Find anything useful, don’t be afraid to post it for us to read, please. If you’re shy, email me, I will always communicate your wishes to the people.


That’s my amazon associates link, if you feel like purchasing an item, be sure to click through, that promotes my blogging. By the way, I love to read so much, tell me if you are looking for a book, I’m sure that link will provide you with some insights on used textbooks. Ask around, I may be having it with me.

If the link isn’t working do tell me. I am still learning how to monetise my blog.




Mel · 9th July 2016 at 3:23 pm

Great post! I’m considering moving back home (to Kenya from the UK) and this is one of my concerns.. Everything is so accessible here, but I am aware that this isn’t the case in Nairobi. I’ve recently become interested in a more DIY and natural lifestyle and getting things such as ingredients and equipment for instance for soap making and organisation is very easy and affordable here. Hopefully some solutions for this come to light and we can have more structure in this area giving access to a variety products at good price points for Kenyan customers. Will reflect on this issue for a while… Hopeful some ideas come to mind!

    stephanie · 24th September 2016 at 12:47 pm

    Welcome Back. This is a welcome move back home, no need to be afraid of moving back. In fact, when you move back from another place you tend to bring fresh ideas, intense look at life. How better to do this? You can start selling the products you don’t find, to other mums and dads. I believe as the days go by more and more people will be interested in DIYs, though not the culture here. If you want to make your home better to live in then change has to begin from you, please, bring the change and we will embrace and support you.

    It’s not an easy transition from abroad to Kenya especially when you are into doing things. I am sure it will be very very complex but with a few shopping trips and other channels like cheaper shipping options, it’s doable.

    Mel, it’s nice to hear you and don’t forget to keep checking on more posts about crafting plus others for making money in Kenya and even the law.

June · 30th September 2016 at 10:39 pm

Oh someone who shares my sentiments!!!! Its totally tasking looking for such products in Kenya. And more so shops haven’t really gone “digital” so its either finding out by word of mouth or walking around town the whole day which is tedious. Still looking for a rotary cutter and cutting mat 🙁

    stephanie · 5th October 2016 at 5:46 am

    Hello June, though I have had to ship mine I found a shop on Biashara Street next to Atul’s Merchant, sorry for forgetting the name, it’s next door. OH, I remember now, Freemans, they have a cutting mat going for 5000, I think the smallest. It was months when I visited. I didn’t ask if they have a rotary cutter though. The mats were hanging so I thought I should ask. Please visit them for assistance.

    I found these shops to be quite extravagant in their pricing which worried me a lot. Things sold for less are about three times the price in these Mhindi shops, so paining. But what to do?

    I am so glad for your visit, hope to hear from you with a success response.

    Rebecca Atieno · 13th December 2017 at 7:39 am

    Hi June did you find a rotary cutter? if not you can get one at Biashara street Freemans shop i got mine from there they also sell other nice stuff for crafters.

      stephanie · 10th June 2018 at 6:50 pm

      Thank you Rebecca for the info update, I didn’t know they sell a rotary cutter at Freemans, I’ll definitely be updating that.

Fatema · 29th November 2016 at 6:47 pm

Hey Stephanie

I can completely relate to your conundrum!! Having lived in Kenya for nearly four years now I am still ordering all my crafting bits and bobs from home (UK). Especially with my kids, I find it difficult to find craft items that they can use to make whatever they want let alone at reasonable prices.Thus, I have decided to open my very own crafts store on facebook. Check it out its called : crazy crafts or @crazycraftskenya . I have cutting mats and rotary cutters (my personal favourite staple crafting items too!!) at reasonable prices.

Hope this helps you in your crafting adventure

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