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How many times have you appreciated your child beyond, ”I love you”?

I mean, children are a gift from God and we must always show our love to them unconditionally.


They can get very annoying too.

I know I was very annoying but our mothers forgive us each time.

Now every mum has a story to tell their children about how they were born.

My mum told me about her first visit to Nyanza Province and how people in her family were worried for her, except her dad who told her, ”My child, they may say we don’t marry the Luos, but what the heck, go and marry whoever you want or love!”.

Mum told me she returned home with a bout of malaria that she suffered from for months.

But she had a great time eating fresh fish from the lake and meeting her very educated receptive mother-in-law.

Before I gave birth to my child, I had no special memory until I decided to create a memory for re-collection of the events that led to my pregnancy and realised I had a very special moment.

It was a thing I had repressed from my memory for a decade and now had to write it down for me to celebrate.

I got my child out-of-wedlock throwing my father into a rage I have never seen from him before being that he was a very cool dad.

During this period I ended up hating men a lot but time flies and heals all wounds.

I’m glad for that.

So to my dear daughter,  I wrote this exceptional story for her to read a little bit of it because she now knows the whole story.


Dear Darling Mina,

I’m so glad you have sat on earth for a decade for me to even pen to you this letter.

From my heart it comes.

You know, you’re the daughter every mum wishes and prays for.

I know sometimes, I get to be so hard on you but only because I want the best.

The only thing I’d love to tell you, is you are special been special always will be special.

From the moment I conceived you, I actually was a little dazed because I didn’t know.

I hate to wonder if I’d have kept you.

I was so ambitious hence lost a lot of touch with reality.

I faced a lot of opposition from those who loved me.

I didn’t care because holding  you into my arms unleashed glory, ambition and achievement.

I remember those nights when I’d undress you and hold you closer to my chest just because I didn’t have money for any more diapers or all your clothes were wet.

I was afraid for you to catch an illness so I spent my nights swatting mosquitoes and covering you with my clothes.

I’d remove the clothes from your body to save you some for the morning.

Yet, what you gave me was hope. Hope for a better day.

I never knew where you came from because honestly as I have told you, I never kept tabs on my periods but I have given it so much thoughts and know without a doubt that Patrick is the man who got me pregnant.

We just need to verify through DNA.

At first I was too ashamed to even reveal the details of your life especially after we moved on.

I had been told for so long (many years) of how he looked for me, how I made him suffer. How his life turned around.

Little did he know.

When I think of us and look at you, though your resemblance to me is uncanny, I’m certain, without a doubt, I know your father!.

You know what? He loved your mum, me, soo much and still does to this day.

I’m not defending him but he’s always a busy man.

I hope someday he’ll actually find time to be with you and get to you know.

Because honestly, you’re his first ever child!

Now, we moved on to Anders whom you knew to be your father until the beginning of 2019, where the whole truth was told to you.

I saw disappointment and shock register in your cute face but I knew you’d recover from that shock to express even more love.

I mean, you asked me, ”Who ever has two dads who love them that much?”.

Well, not many get the blessings.

It’s because you’re glory, a blessing and joy you’d never know exist in my life.

I know sometimes I may be mean to you but I wish I knew how to parent you very wisely and positively because all I desire in my life, is to see a very positive woman, girl, lady achieving her confident dreams.

A girl who gets where she wants in life through virtues and not shortcuts.

Because, apart from the earthly love you have, there’s the abundant heavenly love and Father who will never ever forsake you.

I desire to see a greatness in you never experienced by any mum.

Because, you baby, pay attention all the time, you love and love deeply and sincerely.

You are there for your friends who you know how to make so fast.

I sometimes, wish I was like you because honestly I’d be a billionaire.

I cannot wait to see what you do with your life because I believe in you and you believe in yourself.

I particularly love those times when you give me pieces of advice, I cherish those moments so much.

I love how you stand there for your sister when I have to work.

Though, I’m too tough sometimes, it’s because I want you to become the adult everywhere and not have to worry or waste time quarreling.

You are a peace maker always and always want to see you prosper that way.

You brought the word self-belief back in my life.

Every time I lift my work to accuse it of being of low quality, I recall you saying, ”No mum, that’s the best thing I have ever seen”.

That’s what I want you to achieve, greatness, belief and confidence.

I pray for you everyday sweetheart and always love you and will.

Yours truly Mama Monster,

To Lovely Mina.

If you were to write a letter to your daughter how would it be?

Have you ever written a letter to your child?

How many times?

Would you love to write a letter to your child?

Don’t feel like you have the words?

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A · 4 February 2019 at 9:29 AM

wow, thats the finest letter i have ever read, im impressed and glad, also that you have shared thism God bless you all

    stephanie · 5 February 2019 at 12:27 PM

    Hej, thank you for reading my letters.

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