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Why is customer boss? Why should a customer lord over an entrepreneur, an inventor?

The customer can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down … wise words spoken by Sam Walton founder of the largest retail store in the world, Walmart.

Can you imagine inventing a product or coming up with a product and you know the product is amazing and will solve problems for your customers?

Even with an amazing, you can buy all your products, you need people to read your books, buy your Apple, Dells, coffees, read blog posts/articles, that’s how the human economy moves forward.

You may have started your business because you wanted to bring a solution to a problem you saw or encountered but without customers, you are going nowhere.

Customers make the business and are the business.

So, if you believe because you have the most amazing product or service out there, you don’t need customers or behave anyhow towards your customers, better rethink.

Your customers may say something bad about your business and in minutes, your business may suffer losses.

In the world of social media, Goole reviews and Yelp, better take your customers like eggs; treat customers with respect. Why treat customers with so much respect even if some are rude, you ask?

Your customers help you know what products or services are looking for. Your customers also help you improve your products and services plus every business needs customers for its advancement and expansion.

What a business is all about? Why did you create your products or services? Businesses are getting caught up in the bustle of trying to be the best in terms of performance and forget a vital part of the business.

In order to earn your place in the economy, you have to pay keen attention to how you render your services to your customers.

How do you treat customers?

Do your customers feel valued?

Are they satisfied? Do customers face any problems when interacting with your brand? This is the basis of customer service.

Establishing what makes customers happy influences how customers respond to your products and services. Our lives depend on others and businesses are dependant on people to be successful.

Before Nehemiah built the Temple of God in 52 days, he realised this principle, he needed men to make his dream come true.

Apart from him having guidance and blessings from God, he needed people. Nehemiah knew God wouldn’t come from Heaven to help him build the temple but the people would.

Your customer is a boss you must aim to please.

Who is a Customer?

This is a person or company who purchases goods and services from your business. They pay you for your products.

A customer comes to you because they have a need and they believe you can help them meet them. 

A customer can also be someone to whom you owe a duty. 

There are different types of customers that you must aim to please. These customers are broadly subcategorized as external customers or internal customers. 

External customers deal with consumer packaged goods that you can find at the shops. Internal customers are found in your organisation.

Customers are key players for business success. 

Why are Customers Important?

Without customers, the business fails to exist. Customers are the fibre of the business. They bring in revenue through sales and ensure the employment of the employees.

Customers should be taken care of so that they want to return to buy the product again.

Good customer service is important because when an organisation takes a customer’s views into account, it may live to see another day.

Who Is Your Boss? 

Every working person, from the President, any large corporation or company, to the common hawker, only has one boss; the customer. 

This is the one person you must please. A customer pays for everything you own. He pays your rent, buys you a car, pays for your children’s education, your food etc.

Your relationship with your customer should be a top priority. How you handle this relationship will determine business success or failure. It will also determine how much money you make and whether or not you are happy. Service is happiness. If your customer is happy, then you will be happy.

Your customer is your boss.

Reasons Your Customers is in Charge?

A customer has the power to give you valuable feedback on the quality of products, services and support. This can give you pointers on how you can improve your business, thereby providing you with an opportunity to grow.

A customer dictates whether or not your business operates. A company cannot exist without customers. A customer can fire everyone in a company when they decide to spend their money elsewhere.

A customer has the power to build a business reputation or drag it through the mud. It is important, therefore, to build strong sustainable relationships with your customers to make sure they stay loyal to you.

Customers bring in revenue to your company through sales. They buy our products and services. It is estimated that for every 20% of your customers, you earn 80% in revenue.

Money received from customers after the sale of a product or service is used to pay employees and furnish the business. 

A company that establishes strong relationships with its customers is most likely to advance in its career.

Is the Customer Always Right?

The whole business dynamic is geared towards making customers feel satisfied. When a customer is displeased, as a business owner, you need to find a way to fix the situation. 

A customer is always right. It is best to be cognizant about that from the start. This will encourage positive customer interactions and avoid any arguments over who is actually right or wrong.

Although it doesn’t necessarily mean that whatever the customer says is correct because the customer may only be looking at things from his own point of view. In reality, he might be wrong.

A customer may have an issue with your organisation and make demands, some of which are impossible to meet. 

Some customers may be crude, ignorant, conniving and thorough. It is important to treat every customer with respect, courtesy, honesty and the humour they deserve, regardless. In the end, you gain the advantage of having a satisfied customer. 

Your customer is your boss. Without them, your business will not exist. 

How Do You Handle Demanding Customers?

When a customer comes to you with a complaint about your services or expresses dissatisfaction with your product, it is important to use a set process to get to the bottom of the situation, while at the same time impacting positivity.

Learn to listen to your customer. Let them speak. Let them express their grievances and explain their problems. As they do this, be attentive to what they say. Apply effective communication skills.

Ask them questions in order to understand what they did not like about your product or service. This is done to build a connection and create empathy. Do not forget to inquire what changes they may want to be done in the future.

Lower your voice. You want to ensure that the customer does not think you are aggressive. Do not defend yourself. Make sure the customer knows that you understand the inconvenience. Stay calm. By doing so, you will be avoiding unnecessary arguments. 

Know when to give in. Do not take a hard stance on what you believe is true, even if it is. The end goal is to ensure your customer is satisfied so that they can come back later and even have something positive to say about the business.

Come up with a solution to address their problems and see if they are content with it. Make sure that they get back on board with the services that the business provides.

Once the customer is satisfied, put in measures to prevent that situation from happening again and inform them to gain back loyalty. 

Disadvantages of the Customer Being Boss

Potential loss of control when the business is forced to ponder the customer’s every whim and demands. A business may fail to meet its needs internally when the focus is on the customer. 

Some customers know they are first priority in a business. This has some of them making false accusations against the business in order to be compensated. When this does not happen, he or she may tarnish the business reputation and influence other customers not to buy from the company. 

Why are Customers Treated as King?

Customers are treated as King because

Maintain customers

Customers are business

Understand your customers

Why are Customers Always Right?

Customers are always right because you need to ensure customer excellence

It’s good business ethics to treat customers as King.

Customers are the ones that make business.

How Do You Deal With Rude Customers?

Deal with rude customers by showing empathy

Listen actively

Act quickly before issues escalate

Offer apologies

Offer solutions to customers instead of excuses

Repeat what the customer said so that the customer knows what they said. Repeating after themselves make customers know they said something about what service they want plus reassures them you are listening.

No matter how hard you try to be towards your customers, some customers will be rude.

Why are some customers rude and what do you do when you encounter a rude customer?

Sometimes, customers become rude because they receive poor customer service or the employees lack training on how to approach and deal with different types of customers.

And sometimes you may refuse to provide customer service to customers that are intoxicated or violent.

Intoxicated customers may not know what they’re doing, saying and violent customers make no free-flowing of customer service.

In a violent environment, you get served in fear instead of from the heart.

A customer is your real boss.

He has the power to discharge you if you displease him.

When a customer withdraws from your business, it may fail to generate revenue, hence there will be a negative cash flow in the company. 

Negative cash flow means the owner has to spend money from his pockets to sustain business operations.

This cannot go on for a while. Eventually, the business collapses and has to close down.

It is critical to cultivating interest in how you can boost customer service and experience so that you may gain your rewards.

This could be money, inner satisfaction and joy in your accomplishments or a desired social standing and positioning of your business. 

When customers walk through the door of your business, how do you treat them?

What kind of service do you extend to your customers? How do customers leave your business premise feeling like?

Do they compliment you for feeling like the deity after leaving your business? Do you believe customers are bosses?




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