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Admitting that some NGOs are quite expensive, their members from top to bottom, living and cruising big cars around the city, wearing imported clothes, their children enjoying five star schools, them living on large properties, is just a big understatement. You would wonder when did an NGO become a haven for the rich. Of course, I cannot mention names as I have done no research, this crackdown on NGOs just proves my statement above. They are rich men and women, they ride and ride are on the wealthiest nation’s list. At the expense of that suffering Kenyan man, woman and children.

On day one, their business seemed all too legitimate sincere and very helpful. As it touched ground, making advances in Kenya and other third world countries, pleading to it’s locals at home and abroad, of how they would love to help. Soon, the non governmental became all too money minded at the expense of those whom it promised better life, better things, hope for decent housing, water, and clothes and even education. They were given two thousand a month or even less, to cater for their needs. Of course, below a dollar a day, doesn’t need more than two thousand Kenyan shillings to survive, a month! They need about 1000? The rest we eat, we breathe it, enjoying five star treatment in Kenya. Like the big man I am supposed to be, right?

The recent crackdown, might and might not help. Because as Kenyans we are aware some illegitimate ones may have been spared the Government’s axe. We are aware of that, we just remain or choose to remain dull. If you are operating a big Multi-National, not only an NGO specifically an NGO, it’s not for profit. Choose other avenues to make profits, there are many, we shall discuss them. Not by making and creating misery and investing your people’s money on personal development projects. Don’t you see you are cursing your kids with money meant to help the poor of the poorest? Don’t you even feel guilty that your child may plunge in the same situation? Don’t you? Or, aren’t you afraid of the biggest axe that is karma?

A crackdown might help, I repeat and it may not. There were claims that the same place is an avenue for terrorist attacks. Oh Pardon me, it may or may not be. Money will come in and axing some may and may not help. Because those who have remained maybe used by others to channel selfish acts. It pains to be in a responsible position, committing acts so violent, yet, silently at the expense of the unknowing poor. If you know you do this, kindly repair your deeds because some place someone really depended on that aid. Someone hoped for a future out of a mud house with roofs falling, jigger infested, illiteracy and infant deaths. They hoped that the mzungu would bring that hope taken away by the black autocrat, instead, you eat what someone else has donated willfully, from their own sweat.

Unto you who gives, why don’t you become too responsible? Don’t just trust, follow up, even if it’s a big NGOs account. Be aware of what goes on in the institution and emphasise on direct support rather than an organisation. Find members of the society, whom you trust and have good rapport, entrust them to find legit people who deserve the aid. There are many who need this support, rarely get it because a greedy official has built a five star hotel in Dar es Salaam. Then request to speak, talk, address this person(s) whom you are supporting. Let them be the direct beneficiaries rather than indirect ones.

Of course, there may be flaws, every thing requires trust, trust and trust. Your support makes a difference but not when it goes to the wrong pockets! How do you give? And do you support the recent crack on these NGOs knowing how many have lost their jobs or will lose in case of closing them? What is accountability in these NGOs then? Could they be the channel ‘missionaries’ use for keeping their networks operating and expanding? Or is it just another false measure to remove critics of the government? All may be true, you can share what you think . . .   .




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