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I love writing. What does make a good writer? It’s how much you read. And who are your best authors? Yourself, I bet? Make a point of reading other writers’ work too. That way, you will have a feel of what to write, how to write, how to have your own voice. How to improve your writing, writing in the active voice.

I personally battle with writing in the active voice. Often, I find myself deleting half of a sentence and asking myself what I should write then. That’s why, when I come across writing sites, I never hesitate to give you some or provide a link for you to follow.

Furthermore, read here if you would love to make a living from writing. We as Kenyan writers are mostly limited to Elance, oDesk and Freelancer. While this may be a great way to start, we just have to throw the bidding sites away, not too far though. To find other interesting opportunities for us, right?

I haven’t tried with any of them, but, you could try. Bring feedback, let us know what happened, what worked and what didn’t. These aren’t affiliate links, so don’t be afraid to click on them. 

* NOTE*: Apply for what you qualify for. Even so, write what you can write without stammering and staggering with your keyboard. Taking up too many topics at once will make your articles be either thrown out or too many rejections in your inbox instead of mails. Rejection is part of life as a writer and human being, don’t be afraid of it. It makes you stronger. Some of the publications, provide feedback so you know what really went wrong with your writing. Some don’t. Keep improving your writing even more knowing very well that as a writer, it’s quality and not quantity.

Never give up. Those who do, miss a great deal of opportunities. Don’t be afraid of going for what you love and are passionate about. Keep fighting until you get there. Self belief is what sets you apart from the crowd. Read more of writers who inspire you, but, don’t forget to read complicated writing however overwhelming.

Who inspires you as a writer? I have Agatha Christie, J.K Rowling and Patterson James. He, James, amazes me with his style of writing. It looks so natural. I have added lots of names on my lists favourite I regard every writer an inspiration. Even those who write our Psychology and Sociology books.

* NB:* Time to follow the links, tell us if you got something. I will copy- paste directly. I got these resources from so do your research, first. Then apply. These are always very competitive places for writers, so make yours stand out. Hope you find them resourceful. Make a point of following make a living writing, as it offers very insightful guidelines for writers, for free.










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