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”Sina job, nido nini?, All hope is lost, acha nibarizi mtaani, ndio home”. ”Wow, just like that?”. ”Just like that”. How many times have you heard of this infamous way by youths to give up? I have heard it severally because, I have been there. I sat from morning to evening holding my chin in despair awaiting manna from heaven. The manna came indeed, from my sister, but I would work hard to ensure that the house smelt heavenly. Tiring, exhausting, holding my chin, cheeks in my hands, sobbing, weeping, crying and frustrations became a part of my short-lived life. Then one day, ”The Angel of Doom” appeared – hunger, hunger, thirst, more despair!

My little legs couldn’t move anymore, my elongated hands became even longer. Being a thief became priority. But prostituting number one, top list. Looking at me, I got no courage to open my body for a man, leave alone parade my goodies dressed half-naked __ simply, I am timid, an ant, a restless being at doing some things. Bracing the hunger is the best thing we could do, mind you, I wasn’t alone. A kid looked up to me. See, back then, I saw nothing wrong with it, now, I feel like hitting me with the heaviest claw hammer – of course I wouldn’t, because I would love to tell you some few words. Words of much wisdom, which will help you achieve a great deal of life and why you must never wait.

Before you clear your high school, never leave that compound without knowing what you want to do with your life. I have seen girls and boys, me, number one, leaving ceremoniously only to come to the realisation that life cannot be ceremonious without having been prepared for the unceremonious parts. Plan your life like you are writing a serious self-help book or article or writing the Big Thing, that idea you think you want your life to be like, plan it, dear. Let no one cheat you that you don’t have to take your life, very seriously, of course, there are times for play. Play when needed.

Don’t just think that life will be: get a well paying lucrative job, have a family, own a car, build a big house for them in rural Nakuru or Mogotio. I know you know that by now. How many times have you seen those who know to behave unknowingly, sometimes, information isn’t stored in the Long-Term Memory. Yes, feeling like your life has stagnated is a part of life, right? You think, she is crazy, I am not. Because, when it stagnates, you realise there’s some missing link, once you connect them, my oh my, you are there, well, at least.

Please know that a job includes some ”funny” work like baking and selling mandazis to the local shop. I did this, earning lots if money, no matter the stiff competition in mandazi business.  I left though,  I didn’t sell mandazis for the love of it! I wanted to make money. Have you ever known, if you want to know your passions in life, look at what you can do without caring for money? Crazy girl again, you say. I know, I know. Placing too much emphasis on money has never been like me until I started lacking money. But, I have never stopped doing what I love whether I earn money or not, I love what I do, the money can come. Oh, once you passionately do what you love, things just flow even the money. Look for something you love, don’t just do a thing because nani is doing it.

Stop being lazy. Get your body tired, there are lots of jobs one can do, because I cannot do all of them, I will share some with you. If you find anything that may interest a youth, post here, in the comments, and I am sure one, two or three youths will benefit.

Who is to blame for youth joblessness in Kenya? You, me or the government, your parents or the global economy? Maybe, we shall explore that in the next article. I hate boring you.




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